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ZEN LESSON # 8 Uncertainties & Mistakes

Anyone who has lived through a home construction project knows first hand there are uncertainties during the process. These uncertainties are to be expected—home renovation, home construction, and home remodeling are large complex projects with lots of "hands in the cookie jar." I advise homeowners to look at uncertainties for what they are—a lack of sureness—instead of what they are not... mistakes.

  • When doing a remodel, it's impossible to know exactly what’s behind the walls until the demo has been complete.

  • There is no architect who can draw a perfect set of plans with every connection and detail correctly placed .

  • Homeowners are going to make changes along the way, even when at the beginning of the project they know exactly what they want.

Understanding the scope of uncertainties makes navigating any construction process much easier. Builders have one chance to get it right , they can’t go back and do the project a second time. Mistakes happen—it's really important to keep uncertainties in their own bucket and not combine the two.


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