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Benefits of Working With Construction Project Manager Ed Earl 

Ed Earl is a savvy construction project manager in San Diego, CA. With three decades of building experience and expertise in creating a collaborative construction process, I bring homeowners peace of mind and confidence their project is being managed effectively. 


My involvement creates valuable efficiencies and ensures that quality, cost, and schedule objectives are met. My hourly fees are not tied to construction costs, so I make decisions and recommendations strictly with the owner's best interests in mind. The amount of time I spend on each project is flexible and can be determined by the homeowner.


 As a small, service-oriented firm, I pay great attention to detail and personally overseeing all aspects of the project.

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Why I'm known as the Zen builder

  • I bring homeowners peace of mind and reduce their stress.

  • I create a collaborative construction process that builds trust and reduces conflict.

  • I bring mindfulness to communication between the team and coordination of the project.

  • I studied under a Zen master for 20 years.

  • I build strong trusting relationships with contractors, architects and designers.

  • Click here to learn more about my public speaking and teaching as The Zen Builder

With the complexity of today’s homes, sophisticated homeowners recognize that an expert project manager, as much as a skillful architect or talented builder, is a critical component for success in a remodel or custom home construction project.


As an experienced, professional project manager, Ed Earl’s leadership role is to orchestrate literally everything between the owner, the general contractor, and all of the entities involved. Through Ed’s management, homeowners have a constant presence on the project without having to be on-site every day.


In addition to saving you considerable time, project management services more than pay for themselves through cost savings during the project from greater efficiencies and a high degree of accountability. 


Utilizing comprehensive construction schedules, clear budgets, effective communication, and expert coordination, Ed Earl’s project management produces accountability, greater efficiencies, cost containment, and punctual completion of construction projects. 

Every home construction project can have a happy ending

When you need an experienced advocate to represent your best interests and ensure your custom home construction or luxury remodeling project is finished the way you want, reach out to Ed Earl at Priority 1 Projects to schedule a free consultation.

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