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Why Owners of Historic Homes Should Hire Project Managers for Remodels

Your historic home has character, but it will need updates occasionally. However, it’s important for owners of historic homes to take extra precautions when completing a renovation. This is why many homeowners will hire a project manager. The following are just some of the reasons why project management can keep your renovation on track.

Own a Historic Home? Why You Should Hire a Project Manager When Remodeling

Ensure Building Code Compliance Your municipality may have guidelines for modifying historic homes. This is especially true if your home is classified as a historic monument or built on a historic site. For example, you might not be able to modify the exterior materials. A project management professional will be well versed in these building codes, so they can keep you compliant. Prepare for Unforeseen Issues project managementOlder homes are full of history, but they are also full of outdated features. This can include outdated wiring, faulty piping, or mold that you might not discover until the project starts. When you need to replace or restore elements like these, it can get pricey. Your project manager will likely have left wiggle room in the budget for unfortunate surprises. They can also help you find replacement parts at the most affordable price. Manage Your Budget Renovating a historic home can get expensive since you need to buy specialty items and services. For example, you will likely need to test for lead and asbestos before you take down any walls. A project management company with experience working on older homes will know how to create the right budget for these types of specialty renovations. Additionally, they will advise you on which features are worth modernizing for cost savings and efficiency and which you should retain as a restoration to keep the home’s historic value. Looking for a project management company for your next renovation? The team at Ed Earl Priority 1 Projects in San Diego, CA, has the knowledge and skills to direct a project—even for historic homes—from start to finish. This company is led by Ed Earl, who has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Whether you are building a luxury home or completing a small renovation, Ed will set a schedule and budget to fit your needs. To learn more about their services, visit Ed and his team online. You can also call (858) 939-9227 to set up a consultation.


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