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The Roofer Show Podcast with Special Guest Ed Earl

Ed visited with Dave Sullivan host of The Roofer Show Podcast and talked about how you can increase profits and decrease stress when you provide a better customer experience for your clients. Always an important topic, perhaps now more than ever when the sand is consistently shifting under our feet. Give this Pod a listen—you'll be glad you did.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why the customer looks at things differently than the contractor

  • Ed’s background as “The Zen Builder”—and where the nickname came from

  • Ed’s focus: dealing with homeowners and reducing conflict within the construction process

  • Why it’s the PROCESS and not the PRODUCT that causes grief

  • Different types of clients that are hard to work with

  • Clients to be avoided

  • Why it all comes down to the process

  • How to educate the client about what to expect

  • The “prototype concept”

  • “How you finish the job is what the homeowner will remember.”

  • Keys to marketing

  • The benefits of a Mastermind group in addition to coaching

  • Ed’s work with Dream Business Coaching

Listen to the podcast below:


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