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Custom Home Construction Tips That Save Money And Reduce Maintenance

Building your customized dream home puts you in charge of the decisions for every aspect of the process from the walls to the roof shingles. It can be an exciting journey that will create the house that you and your family will enjoy for years or decades to come. Seeking out custom home construction tips that save money and reduce maintenance costs will help make this enormous investment in your future a more cost-efficient endeavor.

If you don’t feel as confident in selecting your own building materials or desire the advice of someone very knowledgeable about the subject, consider working with an owner’s representative like Ed Earl of Priority One Projects in San Diego who is well versed on the materials and techniques listed below. ICF Construction Insulated concrete form (ICF) construction is the most effective of all sustainable techniques to create long-lasting energy efficiency for your home that will generate significant savings over time. ICF walls require very little maintenance while providing an incredibly durable line of protection from outside temperature fluctuations and even the most extreme weather conditions. They are ultimately a superior choice over wood frame house construction. The process of ICF construction involves the joining of solid concrete slabs built with layers of thermal insulation designed to act as a barrier between the inside of your home and outside elements. This will give you total control over the airflow and temperature of your house, saving you money every month on your energy bill. Synthetic Roof Shingles Using composite or synthetic roof shingles as an alternative to natural materials, save custom home builders a lot of money and offer even better protection. With proper installation and minimal maintenance, synthetic shingle tiles can last decades and work to help save on energy bills every month. The synthetic materials used to make composite roof shingle tiles is weather-resistant to withstand the most extreme conditions and temperature changes throughout the year. Non-Porous Surfaces Utilizing non-porous surfaces for bathroom countertops and shower stalls is the recent trend in custom home construction that saves money on construction costs and in long-term maintenance. White solid surface countertops stay cleaner over time, offering a healthier choice for your family. These durable, long-lasting surfaces are resistant to scratches and stains, requiring very little maintenance over time.

Smart Home Technology Modern technological advances have seen a rapid rise in the availability, affordability, and functionality of smart home appliances and systems used in custom home construction. Smart home technology is widely used to provide automated conveniences, enhanced safety, and protection features, and can offer significant savings over long-term energy use. Common smart home integration elements more frequently being implemented by custom home builders include:

  • Home automation system

  • Home security cameras and upgraded security system with motion sensors

  • Smart thermostats

  • Smart appliances

Faux Wood Siding For years, homes have used the look of wood siding to fit all kinds of design forms, from rustic house siding to modern siding options. Today, there are wide ranges of options for fake wood siding that offers the same classic look, but it is more affordable to install and is far better to withstand changing and extreme weather over time. They require little maintenance and will last far longer than real wood. Faux wood siding will always give visitors a great first impression while protecting your home with a durable siding that is resistant to peeling, cracking, and rotting. Making the smartest choices involves looking at all the options that can save money and keep you on budget during the construction process and on long-term operational costs. Energy-saving materials and methods are becoming more accessible and affordable every year. It is quickly becoming the industry standard to use eco-friendly construction materials and to equip new homes with technologically advanced appliances that allow homeowners to see significant savings over time.


Skylar Ross is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the architecture industry. Skylar is focused on helping architects and building designers discover new techniques, find ways to save on costs, and discover new modern innovative materials to use in their next project.​

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