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Ed Earl is an experienced professional consultant hired by homeowners to manage the entire construction process and interface between the homeowner, the builder, the architect, the interior designer and all of the parties involved in a luxury construction project. Sophisticated homeowners recognize that an Owners Construction Project Manager is a valuable added component to the conventional architect/contractor model when building an estate home or constructing a luxury remodel project.  Ed works with homeowners who have busy professional and personal lives and need an experienced professional to leverage their involvement in the construction process. Ed also works with many owners that are building a vacation or second home and are not local to participate in meetings or site visits.

Priority 1 Projects utilizes a state-of-the-art cloud-based Construction Project Management system which enables the entire construction team to share current building plans, up-to-date construction schedules, budgets, progress photos and e-mail correspondence throughout the project.  Accessible through smartphones, tablets and computers, the homeowner and all project members always have the most current project information at their fingertips.  Ed utilize this system for effective communication and expert coordination to ensure the entire building team is working collaboratively throughout the project.  This produces a high level of accountability, greater efficiencies, cost containment and punctual completion of the construction project.

Ed Earl has over 30 years of construction experience and an MBA from Stanford University. He has represented owners on a wide variety of construction projects from a 27,000 sf estate home to a safari camp rebuild in Africa to a nunnery complex at a Buddhist monastery which incorporated sustainable design and green building techniques including straw bale construction. Ed Earl is also a business coach working exclusively with residential contractors to help them increase both their profitability and enjoyment in their construction company. Known as the 'Zen Builder', Ed Earl is also a talented national speaker giving presentations to the construction industry about reducing conflict in their business and eliminating drama with their customers. To watch some of his presentations, visit The Zen Builder. 

Why Homeowners love working with Priority 1 Projects

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Ed was hired to manage a high end remodel in La Jolla. He worked perfectly, interacting with the contractors and architect and homeowner. It was a blessing to have him on the project, and he ended up saving the owner thousands of dollars and time. His systems were invaluable. Thank you Ed and Priority 1 Project Management.
- Jim McInerney -  
Ed was very responsive and on top of details throughout our project. We live out of state and having Ed be our eyes and ears on site was essential. FaceTime weekly walk throughs and addressing issues that came up during the project was fabulous. Ed was a pleasure to work with.
- Sharon Lang -  
I'm not sure how we would have completed our project without Ed! Ed was the glue between our vision and our contractor, our designer and our budget and helped us avoid many sleepless nights. In the end, we were done on schedule with no major surprises. We love our new home! Thanks Ed.
- Michael Caito -
Before Ed came on the job, we had suffered too many setbacks to count. The project was seriously lagging. When the homeowner (my client) finally agreed to hire Ed, everything changed. Our communication became clearer, quicker, and more comprehensive. He met with the homeowner and contractor, identified our goals and target timeline, and immediately got to work. Ed's gentle (but reliable) persistence got our project back on track. He fills the ESSENTIAL role of project manager and does so in the most amazing way. Ed speaks to everyone with respect and made sure that our contractor (and trades) felt supported rather than attacked. His work is a direct contributor to the success of our project. His business model is invaluable. Ed is one of my favorite people in this industry. As well as being great at his job, he is an incredibly genuine, kind, and caring person. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him. DON'T HESITATE TO HIRE ED!
- Meldrum Design -  

Ed is an absolute professional. When my project would take an unexpected turn, Ed took the time to understand the situation and then proactively worked to improve it. Amazing to work with. 

- Doug Taylor -

  Hiring Ed Earl 3 times in the past 8 years on complex remodel construction projects meant the very BEST of all worlds: gorgeous top-drawer and state-of-the-art quality/technology MINUS the stress and over-budget nonsense almost always associated with these projects. Truth be told, expert project management (Ed as y-o-u-r representative onsite and interfacing with your contractor, architect, everyone) is the new normal for sophisticated homeowners who insist on achieving their results on time and on budget. Today's homes, whatever the size or budget, are increasingly complex and it's terrific to have the peace of mind that Ed, with his more than 25 years of construction and management experience, is the ultimate insurance policy that the homeowners interests are being represented every day until moving in with a huge smile! Expert, precise, creative, integrity at his core -- Ed is all this along with being a joy to work with. First and best decision of any remodel or new construction project is to call Ed!
- Norton San Diego -
  I had the pleasure of working with Ed Earl for four years as he served as the Project Manager for the design and construction of a 27,000 sf estate home. Ed is a great team leader because he always has the vision of the client foremost and he makes sure that everyone on the project is working together effectively and efficiently to achieve that end result. Ed is extremely organized, focused and very articulate in communicating the client’s objectives and making it happen. I would highly recommend Ed to any homeowner undertaking a high-end remodel or custom home construction project.
- Dianne Sheridan Designs -
Ed is the most organized guy I have ever met. I guess that's why he is so good at his job. I've been a business consultant for over 35 years in the construction industry and I've never met anybody better at managing projects than Ed. I highly recommend for anybody building a large custom home and wants it to be done right, on budget, on time and on schedule. I think he's one of the best in the industry. He is also amazing at managing relationships. Sometimes the construction process is ridden with conflict but not if Ed is involved. We all know conflict costs everybody time and money. In my opinion if you're building a large custom home and you don't hire to help manage the process you're making a big mistake.

- Paul Sanneman -

Vintage Cellars collaborated with Ed Earl from Priority 1 Project Management on a unique Wine Cellar project in a high rise in downtown San Diego earlier this year. The clients were remodeling most of their entire 2000 square foot condo, and Ed and his team oversaw the entirety of the project. Ed's expertise in Project Management is unmatched. Ed can be best described as knowledgeable, intuitive, precise and timely, professional, calm and collected, and an all around great guy. Vintage Cellars is proud to partner with Priority 1 Project Management on future projects.
- Vintage Cellars -
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Residential Construction Project Manager in San Diego, CA
Residential Construction Project Manager in San Diego, CA
Residential Construction Project Manager in San Diego, CA
Residential Construction Project Manager in San Diego, CA